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Canadian West Coast Landscape Artist Ross Penhall is from Vancouver BC
Artist Ross Penhall is a Canadian Landscape Painter from Vancouver BC Canada


I have been painting for almost thirty years, but curiosity and creativity have been in me since I was a boy. Since then, they have become an inseparable part of my life, informing my thoughts and interests.

Practicing my craft every day in or out of my studio has become second nature to me: a way of life in which there is no boredom. The rituals and routines of how I do my work are as important as the art itself. I am sustained by the years of my life poured into my work, and the body of work that speaks for itself.

I’m becoming more content with the joys and discomforts of living the creative life. I realize these feelings or moods are cyclical. I practice gratitude. My creative flow comes from daily practice, which builds a strong base allowing me to move forward.

I inch my way, removing obstacles and distractions. Art is problem solving and making adjustments. There are no mistakes, only adjustments.

The subjects I choose are familiar to me — I see them around me everyday and in my travels. In these subjects I look to contrast, balance and amplify what I see. My interest lies in the composition, transforming the world outside and making it my own, while allowing the viewer to find their own story.