Here and There (Along the Line) Exhibition

THIS BODY OF WORK depicts images of the vertical and the horizontal, represented by the west coast and the prairies.

The mountains of the west coast are tall and often forbidding. They form a beautiful and dramatic view while blocking infinite horizons. Having to pass through, having to get around, or having to climb over them, illustrates, for me, possible impending doom, challenges, darkness and obstacles.

The prairie in contrast is wide open and vast. I can roam freely in any direction however it can be overwhelming; focus is required. Exaggerated color as well as aerial, linear, atmospheric, and forced perspective are techniques used to heighten the distinct characteristics of each place on a canvas.

The coastal mountains are exaggerated by narrowing inlets and increased elevation, while the prairies are widened and flattened. The delineation lines, in the prairie work are formed when bringing the colour fields together allowing the shadowy rich under painting to peek through.

I feel deeply when immersed, in creating, these contrasting landscapes. Painting these two images is therapeutic. My conflicting feelings are quieted with my palette, brushes and canvas.”

Ross Penhall - Vancouver Artist

RECENT WORK | 2018 – 2020